PCBA manufacturers briefly describe the SMT patch refueling process

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  In the process of SMT patch processing and proofing, because the order quantity is very small, it is inevitable that there will be frequent line changes, material loading, and material modification. Therefore, there must be a strict standardized process in this process to avoid the phenomenon of incorrect material update during the high-frequency replacement line and material replacement process. Next, Shenzhen PCBA manufacturer-Shenzhen VIASION Electronics will introduce the SMT patch refill process for everyone.


  SMT patch refueling process

  1. Take out the feeder and take out the used paper tray.

  2. SMT operators can take materials from the material rack according to their own stations.

  3. The operator uses the work number table to check the removed materials to confirm whether the specifications and models are the same.

  4. The operator inspects the new pallet and the old pallet, and checks whether the specifications and models of the two pallets are exactly the same.

  5. The operator checks its materials to indicate whether the company matches the pallet.

  6. If there is any abnormality in the above inspection, the operator of the placement machine should immediately notify the delay processing.

  7. Take samples from the new pallet, and then the material can be parked on a new and old pallet.

  8. Take the newly installed Feida material, paste it on the refueling process record sheet, and fill in the refueling working time, operator management and other relevant data information.

  9. Install the Feida back to the placement machine according to the SMT placement machine station; you must fill in your own supplementary information record once effectively.

  10. The operator informs the engineering quality management personnel of material matching and testing, and must carry out material changes and inspections.

  11. IPQC checks whether the material information can be developed correctly and whether the site can be correct according to the site number table.

  12. Before starting production, the operation inspection of the above-mentioned placement machine has been completed.

  The above 12 steps as the standard process in the entire refueling process must be strictly followed in the placement process. Each step of the process must have instructions for each post. Only in this way can the situation of replacing the wrong materials be avoided.

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