Introduction to two common circuit board functions

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The function of the electronic circuit board is to fix various components and then connect them by wires. The manufacturing method of the electronic circuit board is common. Here are some introductions.


  1. Rivet circuit board


  On the insulation plate of 1.5 to 2 mm thick (usually epoxy fiberglass board, glue board, etc.), according to the requirements of the components of the component, drill a small hole slightly larger than the copper rivet so that the copper rivet can just penetrate. Then use a punch and a hoe to rive the copper rivet into the hole. The components are soldered to the rivets, and the corresponding points are connected to the circuit by the wires according to the circuit requirements. This circuit board is characterized by simple fabrication, and a circuit board can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled for various experiments. The disadvantage is that the board cannot be made compact, so it is now being replaced by another board, the printed circuit board.


  2. Printed circuit board


  The biggest feature of printed circuit boards is that they are compact and aesthetically pleasing, and are suitable for mass production in factories. Of course, it is also suitable for all kinds of small electronic production.


  The substrate of such a circuit board is made of an epoxy board or a paper board. A thin layer of copper foil is applied to the substrate by a hot pressing process. Printing the circuit on the copper foil, and then removing the unnecessary copper foil by etching, leaving the copper foil to form a circuit, finally drilling a small hole, applying a soldering protective agent, and the circuit board is made. It is.

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