Inspection requirements for PCBA processed products

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  In PCBA processing, the processed electronic products need to be inspected. Only the products that pass the inspection can be shipped. Next, Shenzhen PCBA processing manufacturer-Shenzhen VIASION Electronics will introduce the inspection requirements of PCBA processed products.


  Inspection requirements for PCBA processed products

  1. Quality requirements of printing process

  ① The position of the tin paste is in the middle, without obvious deviation, and can not affect the paste and soldering;

  ②The printing tin paste is moderate, and it can be pasted well, and there is no less tin and too much tin paste;

  ③ The tin paste point is well formed, and there should be no continuous tin and uneven shape.


  2. Quality requirements for component placement process

  ① The component placement must be neat, centered, without offset or skew;

  ② The type and specification of the components at the mounting position should be correct; the components should be free of missing or wrong pasting;

  ③ SMD components are not allowed to have reverse paste;

  ④ SMD devices with polarity requirements should be installed according to the correct polarity markings;

  ⑤ The component placement must be neat, centered, without offset or skew.


  3. Component soldering process requirements

  ① FPC board surface should be free of solder paste, foreign matter and marks that affect the appearance;

  ② The bonding position of the components should be free of rosin or flux and foreign matter that affect the appearance and soldering tin;

  ③  The tin spot under the components is well formed, and there is no abnormal wire drawing or sharpening.


  4. Appearance process requirements of components

  ① There should be no cracks or cuts on the bottom of the board, surface, copper foil, circuits, through holes, etc., and no short circuit caused by poor cutting;

  ② The FPC board is parallel to the plane, and the board has no convex deformation;

  ③ The FPC board should have no leakage V/V deviation;

  ④. There is no blur, offset, reverse printing, printing deviation, ghosting, etc. in the silk-screened characters of the marked information;

  ⑤ There should be no swelling and blistering on the outer surface of the FPC board;

  ⑥ The aperture size requirements meet the design requirements.

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