Inspection method of solder joint quality and appearance in smt patch processing

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Today's electronic products are pursuing miniaturization and portability, which requires the core part of these electronic products, the pcb circuit board, to be smaller and lighter, which also requires the use of smt chip processing technology.The quality and reliability of solder joints in smt chip processing determines the quality of electronic products. In this regard, Shenzhen VIASION technicians will introduce the quality and appearance inspection methods of solder joints processed by smt: 1. The appearance of well-processed solder joints for smt patch should meet the following points: a. The surface needs to be complete, smooth and bright, without defects; b. It has good wettability, the edge of the solder joint should be thin, and the wetting angle between the solder and the surface of the pad should be less than 300, and the maximum should not exceed 600; c. The height of the component should be moderate, and the proper amount of solder and the solder should completely cover the soldering part of the pad and the lead. 2. Contents to be inspected for the appearance of SMT processing: a. Are there any missing components;

 b. Whether the components are pasted incorrectly;

 c.Whether it will cause a short circuit; d. Whether the component is soldered or not firmly.

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