In the circuit board surface treatment process, which is better, tin spraying or immersion gold

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Immersion gold and spray tin are two common processes for circuit board surface treatment. What is the difference between these two processes? Which process is better? Most people are not very clear. Shenzhen VIASION Technology Co., Ltd. Just take everyone to learn about these two processes.

1. Introduction of PCB spray tin

The tin spraying process, also called hot air leveling technology, is one of the most common surface coating forms for board surface treatment, which is to spray a layer of tin on the pad to enhance the conduction performance and solderability of the PCB pad .


2. Introduction of circuit board sinking gold

The gold immersion process is to generate a layer of plating through a chemical oxidation-reduction reaction method, which is generally thicker. It is a kind of chemical nickel-gold layer deposition method. It can reach a thicker gold layer, which is golden yellow and has a better color. And generally soft. 3.The difference between gold and tin spray:

(1). The immersion gold board only has nickel and gold on the pads, and the solder mask on the circuit is more firmly combined with the copper layer. The signal transmission in the skin effect is on the copper layer, which generally does not affect the signal.

(2). The solderability of spraying tin is better than that of immersion gold, because there is tin on the pad, it is easier to solder on the tin, and for general manual soldering, it is also very easy to solder.

3. Immersion gold has better flatness, while the spray tin process is difficult to flatten the thin pads, which will bring difficulty to SMT placement.

4. Most of the immersion gold will not have the black pad phenomenon after assembly, so the immersion gold plate has a longer standby life, compared to the lower spray tin plate, which has a shorter standby life.

Through the previous analysis, we concluded that the surface treatment of the circuit board is better than the tin sprayed.

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