How to judge whether the proof of SMT patch is qualified?

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After the electronic product manufacturers hand over the proofing work of the SMT chip to the SMT chip manufacturer, it does not mean that they have nothing to do. On the contrary, in order to ensure that the product has no problems and does not affect the performance of the electronic product, the electronics manufacturer must learn to identify the standards for SMT chip proofing, so as to avoid receiving defective products.

So, how to judge whether the proof of SMT patch is qualified? Below, Shenzhen VIASION Electronics will briefly introduce you from two aspects.

First, check the appearance of the solder joints on the PCBA board.

For a good quality PCBA board, the surface of the solder joints above must be clean, smooth, and have a metallic luster. If dirt or residue appears, it may cause certain effects on electronic products, such as easy leakage and frequent short circuits. This is a problem that often occurs in early electronic products such as mobile phones. In the later stage, with the emergence of SMT chip technology, this phenomenon has slowly disappeared. However, if the company does not know this, this problem may also occur.


     In addition, to determine whether the PCBA board is qualified, it is also necessary to see whether there are burrs, gaps, and drag on the surface. If there is, it will affect the appearance of the SMT chip proofing, and also bring other hazards, especially in high voltage During construction, tip discharge may occur, which may cause damage to electronic products.


     The surface of the PCBA solder joint must also be free of abnormalities, otherwise it is easy to cause false soldering, false soldering, and unreliable SMT chip proofing. This is known to experienced teachers.

Second, test the PCBA board reliability electrical connection


     When a solder joint or a small amount of alloy layer is formed on the surface of the component, it is difficult to find this situation during testing or initial work. Desoldering, circuit is on and off, not working, etc. At this time, visually observe the appearance of the circuit board, the circuit is connected, but it does not work properly.


     This is a very headache in SMT proofing, and it is also a situation that PCBA manufacturers will take care of. In order to solve this problem, SMT chip proofing will ensure a reliable electrical connection during the manufacturing process, which can greatly reduce this situation.

The above two points are the criteria for judging whether the SMT patch proofing is qualified or not, for your reference only. In fact, many people are reluctant to hand over the proofs of SMT patches to other manufacturers. They feel that they can also do it. Finding outsiders will only increase the cost. But you know what? Really qualified SMT chip proofing products require not only technology, but also inspection, especially testing equipment, which must keep up. The latter is very expensive, and it is difficult for ordinary small and medium-sized electronics companies to bear.


     In addition, the SMT patch proofing is handed over to professional manufacturers, which not only saves time, guarantees product quality, but also improves work efficiency. Although it requires payment, it also guarantees the reliability of later-stage electronic products and makes business development smoothly. Therefore, instead of taking the time to work in an unfamiliar industry, it is better to contract directly to a professional SMT chip processing manufacturer, which is more reliable and safer.

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