How to eliminate the problem of uneven processing of FPC patches?

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  The biggest difference between the FPC soft board and the ordinary FR4 board is its "soft". Therefore, the core process in SMT patch processing is to turn the soft board into a hard board for patch processing. The realization method is to use fixtures and (trays) ) Carry out auxiliary production. Another key point is to ensure that the FPC installation surface is flat. Next, Shenzhen SMT manufacturer-Shenzhen VIASION Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce the factors that cause FPC patch processing unevenness and the measures to solve the problem of FPC patch processing unevenness.


  Factors that cause uneven processing of FPC patches

  1. Deformation of FPC;

  2. The thickness and location of the attached material;

  3. The thickness of the FPC reinforcement board or adhesive.


  Measures to solve the problem of uneven processing of FPC patch

  1. High temperature tape is the main factor that affects the surface finish of FPC. In order to be able to eliminate the influence on solder paste printing, it is generally required to use high temperature protective tape to be at least 8mm away from the pad (depending on the pad size and the thickness of the tape).


  2. FPC reinforcement board and adhesive are another main factor that affects the flatness of the FPC surface. Generally, it can be solved by digging grooves on the pallet. The design of FPC should be the distance between the reinforcement board and the back glue to the cushion, such as 8mm.


  3. The thickness and opening design size of the magnetic clamping fixture. Generally, 0.06mm thick stainless steel is used. Printing ratio of 6~8m or more

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