How to deal with poor tin on circuit boards?

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Treatment method of poor tin on circuit board:


The circuit board can not be well tinned during SMT production. Generally, the poor tinning is related to the cleanliness of the bare circuit board surface. If there is no dirt, there will be basically no poor tinning. Poor flux, temperature, etc. when tinning.

Improvement and prevention plan for defective circuit board electric tin:

1. Regular chemical analysis and analysis of the ingredients of the syrup are added in time to increase the current density and extend the plating time.

2. Check the anode consumption from time to time, and add anodes if reasonable.

3. Hertzian cell analysis adjusts the content of the light agent.

4. Reasonably adjust the distribution of anodes, reduce the current density by an appropriate amount, reasonably design the wiring or jointing of the board, and adjust the light agent.

5. Strengthen the pre-plating treatment.

6. Reduce the current density, and regularly maintain the filter system or perform weak electrolysis treatment.

7. Strictly control the storage time and environmental conditions of the storage process, and strictly operate the production process.

8. Use a solvent to clean the sundries, if it is silicone oil, then you need to use a special cleaning solvent for cleaning

9. Control the temperature of the circuit board during the welding process at 55-80℃ and ensure sufficient preheating time

10. Use soldering flux correctly.

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