How to control the quality of SMT processing reflow soldering?

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Shenzhen viasion Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has its own SMT chip factory, which can provide SMT chip processing services for the smallest package 0201 components, and support processing and OEM materials. Next, I will introduce how to control the quality of SMT processing reflow soldering.

Reflow Soldering

What is the SMT process reflow soldering process?

The SMT process reflow soldering process is to remelt the paste-like solder pre-allocated on the printed board pad to realize the soft mechanical and electrical connection between the solder end or the pin of the surface mount component and the printed board pad. Brazing. SMT processing reflow soldering technology is not unfamiliar to us in the field of electronic manufacturing industry. The components on various boards of our electronic products must be soldered to the circuit board through the SMT processing reflow soldering process. The advantage of this process is that the temperature is easier to control, oxidation can be avoided during welding, and the cost of manufacturing products is easier to control. There is an electric heating circuit inside this kind of equipment, which heats the nitrogen gas to a high enough temperature and blows it to the circuit board where the component is already attached, so that the solder on both sides of the component is melted and bonded to the motherboard.

Good quality SMT processing reflow soldering production process optimization method.

1. To set up a scientific SMT processing reflow soldering temperature curve and do real-time testing of the temperature curve regularly;

2. The welding should be carried out according to the welding direction during PCB design;

3. Prevent the conveyor belt from shaking during the welding process;

4. The welding effect of the first printed board must be checked;

5. Whether the welding is sufficient, whether the surface of the solder joint is smooth, whether the shape of the solder joint is half moon, the condition of tin balls and residue, the condition of continuous soldering and virtual soldering. Also check for changes in the color of the PCB surface. And adjust the temperature curve according to the inspection results. Check the welding quality regularly during the whole batch production process;

6. Regular maintenance of SMT processing reflow soldering. Due to the long-term operation of the machine, organic or inorganic contaminants such as solidified rosin are attached. In order to prevent secondary pollution of the PCB and ensure the smooth implementation of the process, regular maintenance and cleaning are required.

SMT processing reflow soldering equipment maintenance operation precautions.

1. A maintenance system for SMT processing reflow soldering equipment needs to be formulated. We must do equipment maintenance after using SMT processing reflow soldering, otherwise it is difficult to maintain the service life of the equipment;

2. Daily inspection and maintenance of all parts should be carried out, and special attention should be paid to the conveyor belt to prevent it from jamming or falling off;

3. When overhauling the machine, shut down and cut off the power supply to prevent electric shock or short circuit;

4. The machine must be stable and must not be tilted or unstable;

5. Regularly clean the furnace, mesh belt and condenser for SMT processing reflow soldering, and formulate weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance plans to ensure the quality of SMT processing reflow soldering.

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