How to choose PCBA processing technology for circuit board processing?

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Shenzhen VIASION Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing overall PCBA electronic manufacturing services, including one-stop services from upstream electronic components procurement to PCB manufacturing, SMT chip processing, DIP plug-in processing, PCBA testing, and finished product assembly. Next, I will introduce how to choose PCBA processing technology for circuit board processing.


How to correctly choose PCBA processing technology for circuit board processing

1. Single-sided SMT mounting The solder paste is added to the component pad, after the solder paste printing of the bare PCB is completed, the relevant electronic components are mounted through reflow soldering, and then reflow soldering is performed.  

2. Single-sided DIP cartridge The PCB board that needs to be plug-in is subjected to wave soldering after the production line workers insert the electronic components. After the soldering is fixed, the feet can be cut to wash the board, but the wave soldering production efficiency is low.  

3. Single-sided mixed The PCB board is printed with solder paste, and the electronic components are mounted and fixed by reflow soldering. After the quality inspection is completed, DIP insertion is performed, and then wave soldering or manual soldering. If there are few through-hole components, manual soldering is recommended .  

4. Single-sided mounting and cartridge mounting are mixed Some PCB boards are double-sided, one side is mounted and the other side is inserted. The process flow of mounting and inserting is the same as single-sided processing, but the PCB board needs to use jigs for reflow soldering and wave soldering.  

5. Double-sided SMT mounting In order to ensure the aesthetics and functionality of the PCB board, some PCB board design engineers will adopt double-sided mounting. IC components are arranged on side A and chip components are mounted on side B. Make full use of the PCB board space to achieve a small PCB board area.  

6. Double-sided mixed The following two methods are mixed on both sides:

The first method is three times heating for PCBA processing and assembly, and the efficiency is low, and the pass rate of wave soldering using the red glue process is low, not recommended.  

The second method is suitable for cases where there are many double-sided SMD components and few THT components. Manual welding is recommended. If there are many THT components, wave soldering is recommended.

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