How should I choose a pcba proofing factory?

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When choosing a professional pcba proofing factory, pay attention to whether the factory has the following points:


    1. The professionalism of pcba proofing

    Pcba proofing is different from the traditional SMT patch and DIP plug-in. In the past, pure electronic processing was the material provided by the customer. The factory only needs to produce as required, but pcba proofing is about material procurement, material quality inspection, storage management, and SMT paste. One-stop processing services for tablets, DIP plug-ins, quality inspection, and finished product assembly, so the pcba factory is required to have professionalism, including professional equipment, professional process system management, and perfect quality control system.

    2. Good sense of service

    The docking personnel of the pcba factory and the entire company team need to have a good sense of service, only in this way can they take the initiative to take the responsibility and solve the problem when the customer encounters a problem.

    3. Proofing experience

    Many pcba factories only make bulk orders and don't have much interest in small-volume proofing orders. Such factories cooperate in time and cannot cooperate, which will only increase troubles and affect the efficiency of pcba proofing.

    4. Whether it can be delivered on time

    When choosing a pcba proofing factory, one thing to pay special attention to is whether the proofing work can be completed on time and with guaranteed quality and quantity. It is often necessary to complete this matter within a fixed time window, otherwise it will pass this point in time. , No matter how good the product is, there will be no market. So whether it can be delivered on time is also a particularly important place.

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