How is the SMT factory laid out?

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  Shenzhen VIASION Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has its own SMT chip factory, which can provide SMT chip processing services for the smallest package 0201 components, and supports various processing forms of incoming materials and samples. Next, I will introduce how to layout the SMT factory?


  SMT factory layout and location requirements

  1. Placement area of fire extinguisher

  Fire extinguishers should be placed beside the column and around the SMT workshop, and placed in accordance with the requirements of fire protection regulations.


  2. The placement area of the rack car

  The material rack car is used for the production of SMT production line and the replacement of materials when the model is switched. In order to facilitate production and improve the efficiency of material replacement, it is best to place the material rack car near the placement machine. Moreover, since the material can be changed on both the front and rear sides of the placement machine, at least one material rack cart is placed on the front and rear sides of the placement machine.


  3. Placement area of the preparation table

  The material preparation table is mainly used for the preparation of materials in the production process and the material preparation work before the model switching. Therefore, the material preparation table should be placed near the placement machine, and it is best to put it together with the rack car, so that it can be placed directly after the material is prepared. On the rack car.


  4. Small table placement area for printing station

  The small printing station table is used to place the auxiliary tools of the printing machine in production, such as wipe paper, solder paste, alcohol, etc., should be placed near the printing machine for easy access and use, and improve production efficiency.


  5. Solder paste placement area

  The solder paste placement area includes a refrigerator for storing solder paste, a solder paste mixer, a solder paste reheating cabinet, etc., which can be placed next to the column or in a fixed area around the workshop according to the requirements of the workshop, but it should be convenient for the solder paste production line Access.


  6. Visual inspection area and maintenance area behind the furnace

  In order to facilitate the visual inspection and maintenance of the semi-finished products after the furnace, a small table is generally placed behind the furnace, which is specially used for the visual inspection and maintenance after the furnace, and the produced products are promptly carried out to the next link of operations.


  7. Screen placement area

  The stencil placement area includes a stencil storage cabinet, a stencil cleaning machine, a stencil inspection tool, etc., which are used for stencil storage, cleaning and stencil tension checking, but it should be convenient for the stencils in the production line to be accessed.


  8. Garbage placement area

  The garbage in the production mainly comes from two parts, one is the dust-free paper used in the printing operation, and the other is the waste tray and waste belt caused by the replacement of materials. The garbage generated in these two parts should be placed separately for special recycling, especially the garbage used by the printing press. Therefore, the garbage area can be placed next to the printing machine and the placement machine, or a garbage placement area can be set up next to the column, and placed separately.


  9. Kanban placement area

  SMT kanban includes production kanban and quality management kanban, etc., which can be centrally placed next to the entrance and exit of the workshop or set up production kanban at the end of each production line, and centrally placed quality and other kanbans, which is convenient for producers and managers to check and understand the current SMT workshop in a timely manner. Production status and quality status, etc.


  10. Product placement area

  The products produced include finished products and semi-finished products. These two parts should be separated and strictly distinguished to avoid confusion.


  11. SMT spare parts placement area

  SMT spare parts, including nozzles, motors, belts, cylinders, etc., should be placed in special areas to facilitate access during production, especially valuable spare parts, and safety settings should be adopted.


  12. Temperature and humidity location area

  In order to better understand the temperature and humidity conditions of the SMT workshop, according to the size of the workshop area, several temperature and humidity measurement areas are appropriately set up, which are generally placed on the columns or walls next to the production line.


  13. SMT workshop office area

  Let the engineering and technical personnel and management personnel work on-site in the SMT workshop, so that the technical and management problems encountered in production can be solved in time, and the smooth production of the SMT production line can be guaranteed.


  14. Area for anti-static measures

  Personnel entering the SMT workshop must have an area where anti-static measures are taken. The area can be delineated at the door of the workshop, including the replacement of electrostatic clothing, shoes, hats, and each employee's locker. In addition, an area dedicated to testing the electrostatic ring should be set up at the entrance of the SMT workshop so that each employee can do the electrostatic ring test and record the test results before going to work.

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