How does PCBA proofing reduce the throwing rate?

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  Now the domestic electronic processing industry is very prosperous, and when PCBA proofing is performed, there are often serious material consumption and slow processing processes. These two situations virtually increase the cost of research and development of sample patches. Next, Shenzhen SMT manufacturer-Shenzhen VIASION Electronics will introduce how to avoid serious material consumption and high throwing rate in SMT patch processing.



  First, if you want to prevent the high throwing rate in the PCBA proofing process, human factors cannot be ignored. For example, a common operation that leads to a high throwing rate is that the tear tape is too long and the material is pressed when the operator installs the material. As a result, materials are modified or depleted, and the solution is that the operator should reserve two or three vacancies when loading materials, and ensure that each link is standardized, and it is best to have a unified elasticity standard.


  Second, in the process of PCBA proofing processing, there were debris on the table after the feeder was installed, which caused the shaking to fail to get the material. In this case, train the operator to check the machine table and the feeder when installing the feeder. Whether there is debris on the chassis, clean the table of the machine in time when turning it. In addition, in order to ensure that the material tray is not installed on the large feeder and cause chuck or throwing, the operator must install the material tray on the feeder when refueling.

  Third, the high throwing rate in the PCBA proofing process may also be caused by the wrong board or picking the wrong board or cleaning the board. The solution is still to require the operator to complete it in accordance with the standard operating process, and Before work, you should mark the jigsaw position and the direction of the board and the precautions summarized in the daily on the instruction book, so as to ensure the improvement of the efficiency and accuracy of the operator's construction.


  The points just mentioned are that when PCBA proofing is performed, if the high rejection rate due to human factors is eliminated, and because many SMT patch processing are urgent tasks, these details that need to be prepared in advance should be considered as soon as possible. In this way, the efficiency of the entire processing process can be ensured and the waste of resources can be reduced.

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