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Functional Testing

1TestingPrinted circuit boards are critical parts for any electronic devices, PCB failure leads to the breakdown of an electronic device. To avoid this, we will work with our customers to determine the best ways of testing your products, to avoid delivery of any defective products. 

Our project managers work closely with our engineer and our customers to obtain necessary information to create an accurate functional test for assembly. Based on the data, the engineer endeavors to create the most comprehensive test possible. We can either use the test equipment you already have, or produce new test fixture as your instruction.

This functional test, in addition to AOI inspection, visual QC, X-ray inspection, ensures a high level of quality.
Our inspection and tests
  • 100% PCB open/short testing for PCB
  • 100% AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • 100% visual defects inspection
  • X-ray for BGA
  • ICT (In-circuit Test)
  • FCT (Functional Test)
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