Four points to pay attention to when PCB high-frequency board wiring

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  For pcb high-frequency boards, four points need to be paid attention to when designing wiring, which will be discussed in detail below.


  High frequency circuit board is mainly a special circuit board with higher electromagnetic frequency. Due to its high requirements for physical indicators, precision and technical parameters, it is necessary to strictly pay attention to the various index parameters of each production link during production. Whether it is within the normal range, it is widely used in the fields of satellite systems, radio systems, and automobile anti-collision systems. So, what are the wiring precautions for high-frequency circuit boards with guaranteed quality?

  1. In order to effectively manage the electromagnetic field between the insulating material and the adjacent wiring of the high-frequency circuit board, a high-performance insulated high-frequency circuit board with an insulation value strictly controlled according to the level should be used, and in order to reduce the return loss of the circuit board transmission line corners should also be used Forty-five degree angle.

  2. In order to highlight the tap inductance of the leads during the wiring process of the high-frequency circuit board, all leaded components should be avoided, and surface mount components should be used in high-frequency environments. At the same time, for signal vias, in order to avoid the via processing technology. Lead inductance is generated at the via hole, and the via hole processing technology should be prohibited on the sensitive board.

  3. In order to prevent the three-dimensional electromagnetic field from affecting the high-frequency circuit board when wiring, it is necessary to provide a wealth of street bottom layers and use molded holes to connect these ground layers together. At the same time, non-electric contacts should be nickel-plated or immersed during electroplating operations. Instead of the HASL method, the highly solderable coating on the electroplated surface requires fewer leads, which helps to reduce environmental pollution.

  4. Due to the uncertainty of the thickness and insulation properties of the solder mask of the high-frequency circuit board, in order to prevent the solder mask material covering the entire surface from causing a large change in its electromagnetic energy, a solder dam should be used as the solder mask as much as possible. Electromagnetic field.

  The above content is the precautions for the wiring of high-frequency circuit boards with guaranteed quality. Since the selection of different materials and methods in the entire wiring process may affect the performance of the circuit board, you should grasp the relevant precautions when performing wiring operations. The items are then operated, and at the same time, for people with purchase needs, choosing to buy from good-service high-frequency circuit board merchants can better guarantee the quality of products and services.

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