Five benefits of green for conventional circuit board solder mask

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  The green color on the surface of the board that we often see is the solder mask ink. The main components are talc, resin and pigment. Nowadays, the famous inks on the market mainly include Japan Sun Ink, Taiwan Nanya Resin, Taiwan Changxing Chemical, Taiwan Yongshengtai Ink, Guangxin Ink, Taiwan Sun Ink, Suzhou Sun Ink, etc. Of course, the ink has many other colors, such as red, yellow, black, white, blue, matte black oil, matte green oil, etc. Green is The most widely used and the most common.


Benefits of green for solder mask

1. Generally speaking, the entire electronic product has to go through the process of board making and patch welding of components. There are several processes in the board making process that are in the yellow light room. The green color in the yellow light room has a better visual effect , But this is not the main thing.

When soldering the patch, it must be checked by brushing the tin on the solder paste and the patch and the following AOI. These processes all need to be optically positioned and calibrated. The green background color has a better recognition effect for the instrument.

2. There are more green, white, red, yellow, blue, and black. Due to the production process, the inspection of some processes with more lines still needs to be inspected by the eyes of the workers (of course, most of them now use flying needles test). Keeping the billboards with bright eyes, this is a very tiring job. Green is relatively the least harmful to the eyes, so green is mostly used.

3. Because the blue ink and black ink are mixed with cobalt and carbon respectively, they have relatively certain conductivity, so there may be a risk of short circuit. Green PCB is more environmentally friendly and will not release toxic gases when used in high temperature environments.

4. Starting from 2007, everyone began to pay attention to the color of the PCB board, mainly because the high-end board types of some first-tier manufacturers adopted the black PCB board color design, so everyone slowly thought that the color of the PCB board was black is high-end of. So since then, manufacturers have slowly begun to use black PCB coatings-an inexplicable reason has caused such an inexplicable phenomenon. No one has thought that the PCB solder mask is black, which means that the motherboard is of good quality. This is completely misleading by the first-line brands using black to identify products and positioning.

5. There are many people using green oil board, unified integration is convenient for imposition, convenient production, lower cost, and higher efficiency. The baking time during production is relatively shorter than that of black oil, and the inspection surface line is clearer and clearer.

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