Explain in detail the reasons for the circuit board open circuit caused by each production process

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  The production of circuit boards is a tedious process, requiring multiple processes to make a complete circuit board. If there is an error in some process production, it will lead to the production of circuit board products that do not meet the requirements. For example, the common PCB circuit board disconnection and open circuit problem will directly affect the function realization of the circuit board. Below, Shenzhen VIASION Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will explain in detail the reasons for the circuit board open circuit caused by each production process.


Reasons for circuit board open circuit:

1. The filming process:

  The film is not old and solid, bubbles appear, and if it is a wet film, there will be garbage pollution.

2. Exposure process:

  Problems caused by scratches or rubbish on the negatives, including exposure machine problems, insufficient exposure, etc.

3. Development process:

  The development is not clear and fuzzy.

4. Etching process:

  The nozzle pressure is too high and the etching time is too long.

5. Electroplating issues:

  During electroplating, the electroplating is uneven or the surface has adsorption force.

6. Improper operation:

  In the process of making the circuit board, the circuit board was scratched and broken due to improper operation.

  The reason analysis of the PCB circuit board disconnection phenomenon first look at the form of the disconnection, and carefully analyze the form of the disconnection in the production process that will cause the circuit board to be disconnected, and then proceed to the production process step by step Troubleshooting for possible causes in.

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