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Utilizing our more than 15 years of experience in circuit board manufacturing, our PCB assembly specialists handle all of your PCB assembly needs. From PCB prototypes to high-volume PCB production, we are structured to prioritize every customer's PCB assembly needs.
Our Printed Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities:
Supported Capabilities                                                      
Types of Services                                                    
PCB assembly
Material Procurement
Turnkey box build
Supply chain management
Project management
New products introduction
Product development
Functional Testing
Conformal coating
Labeling & Packaging
Customized Logistics Per Customer
Laser cut framed SMT solder paste stencils
Types of Assembly THD (Thru-Hole Device)
SMT (Surface-Mount Technology) including BGA assembly
SMT & THD mixed
Cable assembly
2 sided SMT and THD assembly
Order Quantity 1 to 100,000 boards
No minimum order quantity
Engineering prototypes
Low cost first article builds
Components Available Passives parts, smallest size 0201 and 01005
Fine pitch to 8 Mils
BGA, uBGA,QFN,POP, ,SOP,PLCC and Leadless chips 
High pin count press fit
Connectors and terminals
Component Package Available Reels
Cut tape
Tube and tray
Loose parts and bulk
PCB Board Dimensions Available Smallest size: 0.2" x 0.2"
Largest size: 20'' x 25"
Board Shape Available Rectangular
Slots and Cut outs
Complex and Irregular
Board Type Available Rigid
Flexible PCB
Rigid-Flex boards
Assembly process Leaded process
Lead-Free (RoHS)
Design File Format Gerber RS-274X
BOM (Bill of Materials) (.xls, .csv, . xlsx)
Centroid(Pick-N-Place/XY file)
Testing AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
Functional testing
Oven profile Standard
Turnaround time 5 days for only PCB assembly
10-30 days for turnkey PCB assembly

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