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Consigned PCB Assembly

1Turnkey box buildConsigned PCB assembly means customers provide us with bare printed circuit boards and/or components, and we just assembly the PCBs.This solution is suitable for customers who have their own components for the the PCBs. Such as custom parts or any parts/PCBs from their existing suppliers. Customer just need to send the kit to us and we can get started on it immediately after we inpected the parts. 

Our consigned PCB assembly services are flexible, we accept fully consigned and partially kitted. Customer may supply any type of the electronic components or printed circuit boards, and we take care of the rest.

Of cause we can also do full Turnkey PCB assembly. You only need to supply us the following files:
  • BOM (bill of materials)
  • Gerber Files
  • Drawing for plastic for metal parts
  • Testing process
  • Packaging and labeling requirement
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