Circuit board manufacturers identification IC tag and the pins of the method

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  Today, Shenzhen VIASION Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will talk to you about the method of identifying the IC mark and pin sequence. Let’s take a look at it together.


  There are many ways for circuit board manufacturers to identify the IC mark and pin sequence. Now the common identification methods of several marks and pin sequence are repeated as follows:


  1. IC has a gap mark. The arc-shaped notch is located at one end of the integrated circuit. The identification method of the circuit board manufacturer to identify the order of the pins is to look at the model number marked on the housing of the integrated block. The first pin from the left under the arc-shaped notch is the integrated circuit. The first pin of this pin is the second pin, the third pin, the fourth pin and so on in the counterclockwise direction.

  2.  Marked with dots. That is, circular pits, small circles, color bar marks, dual-in-line and single-in-line integrated circuits, circuit board manufacturers often use this identification mark for identification, and the pin identification mark and model of this integrated circuit They are all marked on the same plane of the housing. The order of its pins is, looking at the model of the integrated block, the first pin from the left below the circular pit (or small circle, color bar) is the first pin of the integrated circuit. For patch-type integrated blocks, start from the first pin and go counterclockwise, followed by the second pin, the third pin, the fourth pin, and so on.


  3.  Identified by words (the first pin on the left of the lower row of pins of the IC is "1"). There are also a small number of integrated circuits that do not have the various marks described above on the shell, but only the circuit board manufacturer identifies the type of the integrated circuit. For the identification of the serial number of the integrated circuit pin, the integrated block should be printed with a model number. Face up and look at the model. The first pin at the bottom left is the position of the first pin of the integrated circuit. Then count in the counterclockwise direction, followed by the second pin, the third pin, and so on.

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