Advantages of double-sided circuit board production

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Types of circuit boards: There are three major categories: single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer circuit boards.


The cost of making immersion gold circuit boards is higher than that of anti-oxidation circuit boards. Under normal circumstances, there are far more customers who choose anti-oxidation technology than immersion gold circuit boards. In this case, why do some customers choose What about Immersion Gold Craft?

What are the advantages of the double-sided circuit board making immersion gold process?

1. Strong heat dissipation: Immersion gold pad has good thermal conductivity to make it the best heat dissipation, good heat dissipation, low circuit board temperature, stable chip operation, etc., in addition, CPU bearing area and BGA-type components on the notebook board Comprehensive heat dissipation holes are used on the soldering base, while the OSP anti-oxidation and silver plate heat dissipation are general.

2. Good soldering strength: After three high-temperature connections in the production process of the double-sided immersion gold circuit board, it can be seen that the solder joints of the immersion gold board are full and the bright soldering is good, and the activity of the solder paste and flux will not be affected. However, the solder joints of the OSP circuit board are a little gray and dull after three times of high temperature, which easily affects the activity of the solder paste and flux, and is easy to appear empty soldering.

3. Good electrical testability: After the production of the immersion gold circuit board is completed, it can be measured directly before shipment. The operation technology is simple and convenient, and it is not affected by other conditions. The surface layer of the OSP circuit board is an organic solderable film, and the organic solderable film is a non-conducting film. It cannot be directly measured. It must be measured in advance before the OSP. The disadvantage is that excessive micro-etching is likely to occur after the OSP, which causes poor soldering. Other phenomena.

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