About PCB circuit board heat dissipation skills

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For any electronic product, it is a very harmful thing to not get heat when it is heated. This is not only for the product but also for people. If the electronic equipment does not find a way to dissipate heat, the temperature of the equipment will continue to rise, which will directly cause the components of the equipment to be effective due to overheating; severely, it will cause an explosion of the equipment components. Therefore, there must be a good treatment method for the heat dissipation of the electronic PCB circuit board, so let's take a look at those technical points.

1. When designing the PCB in the project, the power distribution is evenly distributed. The uniform distribution is because if the power is concentrated, it will easily generate heat and heat dissipation, which will affect the circuit board. use. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid PCB hot spots as much as possible during design.

2. Design some components with high power consumption to a place where heat dissipation is easy, avoiding them in the most central position as much as possible. Because the PCB circuit board needs to assemble a lot of components during the assembly, if the high-power-consumption component is installed in the innermost part, then some small parts around will also generate some heat, which will not dissipate the heat. Therefore, it is necessary to design the components with high power consumption in a position where heat dissipation is easy.

3. On the components, distinguish which are low heat, poor heat resistance, high heat and good heat resistance. For example, large-scale integrated circuits and power transistors, such as those with large heat generation and good heat resistance, should be designed to be placed downstream of the cold air flow. And like electrolytic capacitors, small-scale integrated circuits and small transistor bodies are those with low heat generation and poor heat resistance. These can be designed at the top of the cooling airflow.

The above points are some tips about the heat dissipation of PCB boards that I will tell you today.

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