A small coup to solve the heating of printed circuit boards

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  Does your printed circuit board have symptoms that are prone to heat? PCB board heat generation is a bad thing. We, PCB circuit board manufacturers, will focus on selecting raw materials to avoid these problems during production. Of course, the occurrence of heat generation problems is not necessarily the problem of PCB circuit board manufacturers, and It may be a problem with the customer's board design, let us talk about heat generation.


  There are two phenomena of PCB circuit board heating: short-term and long-term heating, and local and large-area heating. In the case of heat generation on the circuit board, we must first look at the design of the PCB board to see if the heat dissipation channel in the design is unblocked. In the design, attention should be paid to the assembly arrangement of the components, copper skins, windows, and heat dissipation holes. It is necessary to effectively and reasonably establish a reasonable and effective ground thermal resistance channel to ensure that the heat can be smoothly dissipated to the circuit board and prevent it from appearing. Heat phenomenon.

  Then check from the selection of materials, the wires of the printed circuit board will cause the temperature to rise because of the current, and the selection of conventional plates has a specified environmental temperature requirement, which generally does not exceed 125°C. Therefore, in the design, it is necessary to consider the heat points of the upper component according to the use of it, and then choose the thicker copper clad or the high temperature resistant plate to make as much as possible, but the cost issue is slightly higher. Of course, aluminum-based and ceramic-based plates with low thermal resistance can also be selected when product requirements permit.

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